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Wine Club

Exclusive card

You’ll be entitled to receive the exclusive De Verona Wine Club card and a branded T-Shirt.
The Wine Club Card gives you the opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits within Valpolicella’s territory and in several wine-related experiences.

Wine selection

You’ll receive 3 bottles of exclusive Valpolicella’s artisanal wine selected by our specialised and WSER certified sommelier Fisar directly at your door.

Wine tour, wine tasting and shop

Thanks to the club card you’ll be entitled to buy products or to wine tasting at our De Verona Wine Club site or at Valpolicella’s artisanal wine cellars with our specialised and WSET certified sommelier Fisar at advantageous prices reserved to members.

Wine Shipping

Wine - food shipping worldwide: Micro logistics specialized in delivering food and wine worldwide in full compliance with security and law.

E-Bike Station

You can enjoy De Verona Wine Club excursions on e-bikes to discover the beauty of Valpolicella’s territory, at advantageous prices reserved to members.

Join the exclusive Valpolicella’s wine club!

Download the wine club brochure!

Wine Lovers: wine tasting and shop

Passion for wine, passion for the land of Valpolicella: exclusive artisanal wine, selection of typical products and discovery of the territory.

De Verona wine club members are principally wine lovers from all over the world and several experts related to wine industry. They are persons or companies willing to discover Valpolicella in all of its beauty.
We desire to create opportunities for trade and for exchanging experiences to encourage the development and growth of Verona’s region.
This Club is a place of meeting and sharing conducive to growth and enhancing of image of this Verona’s heritage.
DeVerona Wine Lovers - Valpolicella

Accompanied by our specialised and WSET certified sommelier Fisar you can taste culinary delicacies and wines from Valpolicella at advantageous prices reserved to our members. Furthermore, you can buy the best artisanal Valpolicella’s wines from our exclusive selection.

Wine Tours & Experience

Wine tasting in selected Valpolicella’s wineries and breath-taking landscapes.

Tour in Valpolicella

Tours & E-Bike

Private tours and wine tasting, including the famous Amarone, at our Wine Club Site or in the main wineries of Valpolicella, combined with local culinary delicacies and breath-taking landscapes.

Nature and tradition of a land to discover also thanks to our E-Bike station.

Book a wine tasting | Info and booking


We promise an exciting sensorial experience and an unforgettable trip among traditions and flavours of one of the most important winegrowing area of Italy:

  • Guided wine tasting with our sommelier at the Wine Club
  • Tours to wineries following the sensory code of wine: visual, olfactory, tactile and by taste.

Info and booking
Tour in Valpolicella

Wine Shipping

Wine - food shipping worldwide: Micro logistics specialized in delivering food and wine worldwide in full compliance with security and law.

Shipping partner

Worldwide delivery

We deliver your wine worldwide with door-to-door service!
Thanks to our experience gained through years in wine and food distribution we can offer a top-quality service also to private customers.

Choose your wine from our exclusive selection and decide we’re you’d like to receive it, we’ll do the rest.

Contact us to know more about our wine delivery service.

Official Info Point

De Verona Wine Club is a recognized Info Point for Valpolicella’s territory.

Official Info Point in Valpolicella

If you wish to discover Valpolicella, ask us.

We promote Valpolicella through our info point.
Visit unique places, taste our typical wine Amarone, try our special food and live a dream through a variety of perfumes, flavours and emotions.

Enjoy your vacation with our best advices!