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Antico Casale Bergamini

Antico Casale Bergamini

At Gargagnago, in the heart of the classic Valpolicella winegrowing district, the country guest house Antico Casale Bergamini offers you warm and attentive hospitality in B&B accommodation.
Ideal for those who love the peace and tranquillity of a small village, it is strategically located half way between the city of Verona and Lake Garda.

A country house dating from the mid 17th century has been restored in such a way as to maintain the stone architecture typical of the Valpolicella, combining tradition with modern comforts to ensure a perfectly relaxing holiday in a rural retreat.

: Via Stazione Vecchia, 764 – 37015 Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR) | +39 045 6831546 | https://www.anticocasalebergamini.com/eng/home

Vigna 800: cantina e locanda

Vigna 800 e Locanda 800 - Negrar Verona

Starting from an idea of Gianfranco Elampini, Locanda '800 opened in 2007.
Together with our chef Diego, he reinterprets both the traditional cuisine of Verona and fish dishes in a modern way.

: Via Moron, 46 – 37024 Negrar (VR) | +39 045 6000133 | http://www.vigna800.com/

Places to see in Valpolicella

Valpolicella - Negrar Verona Italy

Pieve di San Giorgio Ingannapoltron
Pieve di San Giorgio Ingannapoltron is one of the most important Roman monuments in Verona. The building is divided in three aisles. The centra lone is two times longer than the side ones and has eight high and tight windows per part.
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Ponte di Veja
The rock path which leads down to the base of the “bridge” (ponte) was actually the entrance to a huge carsic cave. The roof of the cave, due to the erosive action of an underwater stream, collapsed, and all the remains today is this enormous arch of stone with a waterfall underneath it.
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Molina Waterfall Park
Molina Waterfall Park is a great place for some relax in a shaded forest animated by waterfalls. The waterfalls were originated along the rivers because of the presence of rocks with different levels of erodibility. Due to the action of the stream, we can admire characteristic shapes such as furrows, niches, and erosion materials, visible not only on today’s river’s course, but also on the side walls, testifying to the river’s course in the past.
Apart from the bubbly waterfalls, the Park also offers a landscape of woods and meadows, crossed by torrents and small rivers, and characterized by the green color of the varied vegetation and the grey of the rocks. 
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Marano Rope Bridge
Marano Rope Bridge unites Marano’s walking paths with the ones of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo. It’s 52 meters long, 70cm large and can be crossed in both directions.

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